Of all the artists that Jersey has produced, none have been as popular or held in such affection as Edmund Blampied. His etchings, drawings and paintings cover a wide field, but it is his pictures of "Island Life" which catch the imagination. They depict life on the farm and the bond that develops between people of a close knit community. Blampied was born into a family of three brothers on the 30th March 1886 and from an early age became interested in drawing. In 1903 he left Jersey to attend Lambeth Art School in London and began to learn the art of etching under the guidance of Walter Seymour. He had his first exhibition at the Leicester Gallery in London in 1913. In 1914 he married Marianne van Abbe. He was a prolific artist, and many of his works can be seen in Galleries and Museums all over the world.

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