John Freeman lives in Whitby, North Yorkshire where he has a Gallery selling his paintings. John works exclusively in watercolour and loves the immediacy of the the medium, which he finds exciting and stimulating. A born and bred Yorkshire man he loves to paint remote areas and dilapidated buildings. His detail to light and shade give his work an incredible feeling of mood and atmosphere. Artist Statement -  "I find the immediacy of watercolour exciting and stimulating. It enables me to combine my love of detail with broad areas where pigment, paper, and water create their own qualities. Since 1981, when my love affair with watercolours took hold, I have painted exclusively in that medium. But although subjects may vary, my real love has always been the more remote rural aspects of a given area. The un-renovated, the basic, and the dilapidated buildings are those which quicken the eye and the hand." "The legacy of my earlier oil painting days has had considerable bearing on the way my painting has developed, giving a different feel to my watercolours, and a strength not normally associated with the medium.

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