Coming from the island of Jersey, Matt's work is infused with colour experienced by the long hot summers of his childhood and living by the coast. The subject matter and style of Matt's paintings can vary but share a common thread, based along the themes of Pop, primary and primitive elements. All are related in the sense of simplicity, and the fundamental aspects of a subject. Matt's work has attracted a steady following of admirers and collectors. His painting 'Dog Walkers' was shortlisted in 2009 for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, and in 2012 he held an exhibition in association with Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust about their work and his paintings from Madagascar. Artists statement :- 'You can't always explain Art with words, but in an overly complex world, I'm interested in focusing on the basic elements - omitting detail and leaving-out visual clutter in order to show what is true .The use of colour and simple representation is equally important in the final picture. Human activities, pastimes and nature are all aspects which inspire me.'