Sarah Louisa Kilpack was an artist from the last half of the 19th century who found in the Channel Islands and in Jersey in particular, an ideal environment in which she could express her enigmatic emotions through her paintings with utter certainty and a great deal of charm. She was born in Covent Garden on 15 December 1839, the second and youngest child of Georgina and Thomas Kilpack, a tobacconist with a shop below the family living quarters. She probably first came to the Channel Islands in 1863, and she drew immense inspiration from the remote cliffs, being caressed by the forces of nature. It was also a good opportunity to develop her painting techniques and her efforts were soon rewarded with two of her Guernsey paintings exhibited at the eleventh Annual Exhibition of the Society of Female Artists in London and two more selected for exhibition at the British Institute. In the early 1880s Sarah Kilpack enjoyed the best years of her life, earning some £500 a year from her painting, some prodigious output at six guineas a piece. She died 25 October 1909 after a fight against cancer.