E R Sturgeon was born in the village of Drayton, near Langport, in Somerset, in 1920. His love and talent for art was evident at a very early age and encouraged by his art teacher. In 1940, Dick enlisted with the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry stationed at Bodmin Barracks. Outside Tobruk in 1942, Rommel's armoured columns attached the lightly armed 1st Battalion. Few soldiers managed to escape the onslaught; those who were not slain were captured and shipped to Italy. Dick Sturgeon was one such soldier, he was transported to an area north of Naples and began a stay of imprisonment at a camp called Cadua. At the end of the war, with a great deal of help from the Colonel at a resettlement camp, Dick secured a placement at Taunton Art College. This began the career that he had so often dreamed about, and it led to his first job as a commercial artist with the local newspaper. Dick Sturgeon was particularly well known for his rural village scenes, but the range of work is much wider than that. His work is held in the highest esteem and is exhibited in galleries throughout the world. After a short illness Dick died on the 5th December 1999.

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