Linda Jane Smith has always loved drawing and as a child she entered as many art competitions as she possible could. She eventually went on to study Graphic Design at Bournville College of Art in Birmingham, England. Her time there gave her the discipline to work very precisely and also the ability to settle down anywhere to paint. Her work has progressed considerably since then enabling her to combine the two great loves of her life, cats and painting. Humour is also a big part of Linda’s work. She works with designer gouache, in a Pointillist style, making a detailed drawing first, then meticulously putting on dots of paint to slowly build up the colour so that it has form and texture. Her colours are usually deep and rich – faded carpets, velvet cushions and threadbare brocades are everywhere. Linda has had many major exhibitions throughout the United Kingdom. Her Limited Edition prints have become immensely popular on both sides of the Atlantic and are extremely collectable.

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