Ben Nicholson's work has come to be seen as the quintessence of British modernism. His austere geometric paintings and reliefs are among some of the most influential abstract works in British art.Ben Nicholson was born in Denham, Buckinghamshire in 1894. Both his parents were artists, one the brilliant poster designer Sir William Nicholson. Nicholson studied at the Slade School and then travelled widely in Europe and the United States for a few years.In 1920 Nicholson married the artist Winifred Roberts. Nicholson’s early work consists of delicately worked still lifes, which show the influence of his father. In the 1920’s he began painting figurative and abstract works inspired by Post Impressionism and Cubism, which he had seen whilst travelling. His first one-man show was at the Adelphi Gallery in 1921.