Olly Killip
Jersey based urban/street artist Olly Killip is an up and coming local artist who is known in the London street art scene as “Bluntroller” and gained an international following after appearing in a historical street art book “Cash is King the Art of Defaced Banknotes”. Olly was one of 100 artists featured in the book which is now held on permanent display at the British Museum and Le Louvre in Paris. Olly has since been dubbed by the local press as “Jerseys Banksy” and recently exhibited and sold his signature defaced banknotes at the prestigious Saatchi gallery in London with one of his unique designs making an appearance on TV (Make China Great Again) which sold within minutes of being listed. he has since exhibited work at the notorious Frichez Nous la Pais Street Art Gallery in Paris and is currently Jersey’s sole member of the infamous “Secret Society of Super Villain Artists”, a London based street artist group supported by renowned artists worldwide. His work is often done in mixed media with a main focus on acrylics and spray paint but never being constrained to any one media as he is well practiced in the use of ink, pencil and printing techniques. Being a Super Villain Artist he is naturally subversive and slightly cynical in nature which is expressed through his work with references to popular culture and current times. The images he produces in different scales are bold and impactful bringing a fresh perspective to the local art scene.
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