Picture Framing

Studio 18 is Jersey's most experienced and established contemporary art Gallery and bespoke framers and offers a comprehensive picture framing service of the highest quality, with hundreds of different frames and mount card choices available and over 40 years of experience, we can help you choose the correct combination to really bring out the best in your artwork. We only use Alphamat Artcare mount board, which significantly extends the life of framed items.

alphamat.jpgWhat is Artcare?
Bainbridge Alphamat ArtcareAlphamat Artcare offers the most extensive selection of museum quality preservation boards available today. Featuring the latest colours, Alphamat has a pure solid white core for clean, consistent bevels, making it ideal for creative cuts. It's fade-and bleed-resistant with guaranteed colour consistency. Unlike any other boards, Artcare can actively protect framed items. It is now known that the deterioration of paper and film is caused by the common air pollutants in our atmosphere, often at their most destructive inside buildings rather than outside. Artcare's unique patented molecular traps, built into its paper structure, are proven to trap these pollutant gases and prevent them from attacking the framed piece - significantly extending the life of framed items. That is why Artcare is specified and trusted by museums and collections around the world.

Conservation Glass
Conservation glass is necessary to protect valuable works of art that can be susceptible to fading from sunlight. We offer two types of UV filter glass, Clear Colour Plus (no glass) and Tru Vue Conservation Clear. Both remove at least 97% of the ultraviolet rays that can damage artwork, Clear Colour Plus is perfectly clear and looks as if there is no glass in the picture at all, it also eliminates glare and is useful in bright rooms where reflections would make the work unviewable.

Clear Colour Plus is the best glass available and the clarity it allows is second to none but the high cost can make frames expensive, so we also offer Tru Vue Conservation Clear which is much more affordable but still offers the same protection from harmful ultraviolet. We strongly recommend using UV filter glass for all valuable watercolours, prints, photographs and any other artwork you wish to stand the test of time.

ClearColour PLUS | Clear brilliance with an antireflective coating
Highly effective optical coated on both sides.
Light reflections are impeded extensively without affecting the brilliance of the picture.
Colour neutral and super-transparent glass for clear colours and contrasts.

Anti-reflection coating: a comparison


The reflectance of the light is less than 1 %. Normal glass has a reflectance of light of ca. 8%