Charlotte Cornish


Acrylic paint on canvas is Charlotte’s preferred medium as this dries relatively quickly, allowing her to build up many layers of thinly poured paint, contrasting with directly applied gestural marks. She always waits until the paintings are dry before applying new marks. This affords Charlotte the opportunity to remove any marks that she makes, without disturbing the preceding layers.


All of her editioned prints are Limited Edition Original Prints. Each print has been made from a series of Charlotte’s own hand painted stencils, one for each colour printed. The resulting image exists only in its printed form. There is no ‘original’ from which the print has been copied, as with some printing techniques. Charlotte makes prints using a range of printmaking techniques, mainly screen printing, but also etching.


In all of her work, Charlotte is engaged with the exciting world of colour and colour relationships. For many years, much of the inspiration for her work has come from images collected from travel abroad, from countries with an abundancy of colour and exotic atmospheres; India, Egypt, Morrocco, Tunisia.


Recently, Charlotte has also been working from images from quaysides on the Suffolk coast, and the Midsummer Funfair in Cambridge. Elements from these images are used as a starting point which are then developed and combined with themes exploring personal experience.

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