Susan Crismas-Wood

Susan Crismas-Wood was born in Hampshire, England, in 1956 and always had a passion for the arts. Aged twenty she moved to Bermuda for six months and stayed for fifteen years!  Twenty years ago she moved to Jersey in the Channel Islands. The beauty of the sea and being fortunate enough to live in exceptionally beautiful places has definitely influenced her work. 

Although Susan has painted all her life, she became a professional artist via a convoluted route, which included a whole other career as a lawyer. 

It was not until 2006 that she was able to dedicate herself to art full time and attend College.  Since then she has worked with artists and sculptors in England, Jersey, Bermuda and Italy and she is grateful and thankful to them all for generously sharing their knowledge.

Susan lives in Jersey and has exhibited in Jersey, France and Italy.

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